Steelkiwi to join Globaldev Group

4 Oct 2022

Steelkiwi to join Globaldev Group!

Globaldev Group is happy to welcome Steelkiwi’s talented management and development team to be part of our global operation and expansion.

Steelkiwi will join Globaldev Group and work as an independent business unit, focusing on full cycle Web and Mobile applications development. With a team of 100+ professionals and a list of customers that span the globe, Steelkiwi will provide the additional capabilities for Globaldev, to become the preferred software development partner for technology companies around the world.

Dror Har, Globaldev Group CEO – “Globaldev Group is proud to make its 3rd investment in Ukraine. Now, more than ever, we believe in Ukraine, in Ukrainian IT community, and specifically in partners like Anton Baterikov and Slava Ponomarov, who are leading Steelkiwi’s success for the last 11 years. Ukrainian developers are the best in the world, and we feel lucky to have the SteelKiwi team join us in our journey”.

Slava Ponomarov, Steelkiwi CEO – “We’re excited to accept the opportunity to join Globaldev Group as this move opens new horizons for Steelkiwi to scale and provide better, full-cycle service for our existing and new customers. We’re sure this deal gives us a possibility to open more job opportunities for technical and non-technical staff in our engineering hubs in Ukraine and other European countries!”

Anton Baterikov, Steelkiwi CEO – “This is great news for all of us, I see great potential in this. Together with Globaldev, we will be able to expand our capabilities in the tech stack, share the experience we have gained over the past 10 years, and combine our efforts to provide even better service across the board.”

Globaldev Group provides a comprehensive set of software development services to technology companies around the world. With offices located in USA, Germany, Israel, Ukraine, Poland and Portugal, and a team of over 230 professionals, Globaldev is ready to go Global, so LET’S GO GLOBAL TOGETHER!